Three Ways to Maximize Space in a Smaller Kitchen


Too often, the kitchen is the first room of a home to suffer the consequences of tight living quarters. But there’s no need to forfeit big-scale cooking in a small-scale kitchen.

Ditch the compromises and maximize the space you do have to make your kitchen work for you, and all your culinary aspirations.

Cut the Fat

Do a top-to-bottom inventory of your kitchen implements to assess what you need and what you can discard or donate.

Sleek newer designs of certain appliances tend to take up less space than their clunky, older counterparts. They also offer more multi-functionality.

For example, ovens that contain a warming drawer that can be used for slow cooking, potentially eliminates the need for a standalone slow cooker. Blenders that come with food processor attachments can help you de-clutter your countertop.

A periodic audit of your kitchen can keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Space Efficient Appliances

New appliance options designed for compact kitchens can help ensure that limited space is not a deterrent for those passionate about cooking. For example, Verona Appliances offer upscale, space efficient ranges at 24 and 30 inches with both gas and electric options.

These ranges include features like space-saving drawers for pots and pans, multi-function ovens featuring a closed-door broil, European convection fan, heavy-duty racks and a broiler pan, and multi-functional warming drawers with settings suitable for proofing dough and slow cooking.

Creative Storage

Your conventional storage options will only get you so far in a compact kitchen. Stretch your concept of storage to open up a world of new possibilities.

Wall-mounted magnetic units can be a great place to store knives, pots and pans, freeing up limited cabinet space. Corkboard added to the backs of pantry and cupboard doors is ideal for hanging light utensils, recipes and notes. Shelving can be built under kitchen tables and kitchen islands. The possibilities are endless.

For happier cooking, give your compact kitchen a functional makeover.

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