New Pool League In Lufkin Begins 9-ball Season


(Photo by: Bethany Baldwin) Cohle Felder goes for a right corner pocket shot during a match at Grant Street private pool hall.
(Photo by: Bethany Baldwin)
Cohle Felder goes for a right corner pocket shot during a match at Grant Street private pool hall.

Lufkin has a new sport in town.

The Pineywoods Pool League, which began last September, is steadily growing with at least 60 members. The league is located at Sharky’s Pool Hall in front of the police station downtown.

Marcus Renfroe, owner of the Cycle Shop, began the league last September after he went to a pool league and “saw people a lot older” than himself “having a great time.”

It took several months for Renfroe to get the paperwork settled, but he got the league nationally sanctioned by the Billiards Conference of America. The league plays by the BCA rules and regulations, and its members have already been invited to take place in the national tournaments.

Renfroe explained how one of the league’s youngest members, who is only 12-years-old, has been invited to compete among the most talented junior leaguers in the nation.

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(Photo by: Bethany Baldwin) Michael Foster gives Lisa Lalumandier pointers on shooting before a match at Sharky’s Pool Hall Monday.

Before the creation of the league, most of the people who played pool around Lufkin could only be found in bars. Renfroe did not like that environment.

He wanted a league centered on clean, family fun and advancing the talent of all players involved.  

The league’s motto is Just 4 Fun. Members range from 12-74 years of age and include husbands and wives, sons and daughters, and even grandchildren.

There are beginners in the league and well seasoned players. Renfroe explained how the teams are proportioned fairly, and during games, new players can call a council with their team captain to help them learn.

“I like coming here because it’s not in a bar and I like shooting pool,” said league member Lisa Lalumandier. “Everyone is nice and helpful. I started with 8-ball, and now I’m learning 9-ball.”

Lalumandier said she only knew bar rules before coming to the league. Since then, she has learned BCA rules, and is learning from seasoned players like Michael Foster.

This is Foster’s first time to play in Marcus’ league. However, he has been playing in other pool leagues for 15 years and shooting pool for 25 years.

Photo by: Bethany Baldwin
Photo by: Bethany Baldwin

“It’s good to get out here and play younger players,” Foster said.

The league’s goal is to shoot pool, learn to play better, and have fun doing it. Friendly competition, fair play, good sportsmanship, and fun for all levels of players is encouraged.

Some of the league policies include playing using BCA rules, no substitutions, and while there is no shot clock, courteous and timely play is expected.

After recently finishing a season playing 8 ball, the league just started a new season of 9 ball Jan. 19.

Matches begin at 7 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays. All players must be registered with Pineywoods Pool League and be in good standing before playing in a match. New players can easily register before a match.

The league’s website is and they can be contacted at, (936) 404-9950, or

Sharky’s Pool Hall recently had their pool tables reskinned, and they charge $7.80 an hour for casual use of their tables. They also have arcade games, ping pong, and air hockey.

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