Three Perfect Nail Salons in Lufkin Texas


I have really sensitive hands so i’m picky about where I go to get my mani-pedis, there are many different nail salons in Lufkin, but these are my regular locations from experience!

Le Nails

Le Nails is located in the Lufkin Mall, and they have so many different offers for you to receive. They can do anything from acrylic nails to permanent makeup. The staff is extremely talented with there work and the store is always packed! I got a full set for prom at Le Nails and they lasted three weeks with no imperfections, so it’s definitely worth every penny.

Photo by Mikhail Tyrsyna on Unsplash

Rose Nails & Spa

Rose Nails & Spa has beautifully done work and the most relaxing spas you’ll ever know! I’ve only been here a couple of times but it’s definitely worth it. The demeanor in the shop is very quiet and peaceful to soothe your body and be as relaxed as possible, and it definitely does the job. This location is at 502 N Brentwood Dr, Lufkin, TX 75904.

Photo by Chelson Tamares on Unsplash

Royale Nail Spa

My Granny and I go to this store frequently, and she adores this shop! We love the staff and the professionally done nails for results. My Granny and I love trying out the hot stones every once in a while, and they feel fantastic if you have sore and aching muscles. This shop is located at 4206 S Medford Dr, Lufkin, TX 75901

Photo by Bryony Elena on Unsplash

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