Alternative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


When is a good time to talk about the spirit of Valentine’s Day without talking about Valentine’s Day? The day after Valentine’s Day, of course!

While Valentine’s Day is loved by many across the country, many others choose not to celebrate the holiday or to celebrate it in a non-traditional manner. For this story, several people in the Texas Forest Country Region chose to share how they spend Valentine’s Day.

Emily G.

“Do something good for your heart? Visit somebody who is lonely or needs help? My mom used to get Valentine’s gifts for all of us, and the ones you’d put in each other’s bags as kids it was more fun! Before I met [my husband] Stephen it was scary movies and chocolate with my best friend. As adults, Stephen and I have never made a big deal so it is a big surprise if we actually do!”

A night of movies and pajamas? That sounds like a fun way to spend any Valentine’s Day!

Shelby C.

“I like to sit down in my pjs, cuddle with a good pillow, drink hot chocolate and watch ‘Book of Life’ or whatever might interest me on Netflix or Hulu.  “

Emily L.

“I celebrate by getting really drunk and watching horror movies while eating ice cream.”

Megan H.

“This may not be what you’re expecting, but here’s what I am going to do this year. I’m going to celebrate my great grandmother. She passed away last year on Valentine’s day, and I miss her a lot. I’m going to make her special chocolate cake and take a slice to everyone on my family’s property because I know they miss her too. I’m hoping to have her spaghetti that night, too. And I might even try to find out from my grandma (great grandma’s daughter) what her favorite movie was, so I can watch it.”

Henry W.

The past is the past, but sometimes, especially in Texas, you need to release some steam. Going to the shooting range on Valentine’s Day may not be a common practice, but it sure sounds like fun!

“This may seem darker, but it helps for those who are single during a couple’s oriented holiday. Scratch the name of what we’ll call “Bad Memories” into bullets, go to your favorite practice location, and let ’em fly.”

Dawn G.

“I used to have Valentine’s adult sleepovers. Those who wanted could stay, others could leave whenever. We had food, movies, karaoke, games. It was so much fun. Everyone used to come over in their pjs (or just bring them) and bring their fave snack. We would stay up late/all night and had the best time.”

Jonathan B.

“Don’t go the day of out to eat because who cares if you do it on the actual day.”

Jenae Z.

“I always made Valentine’s treats for my close friends, usually Oreo truffles and cakes for those that might not have someone to celebrate with.  “

Kristen W.

“I take my daughter out to have our ‘dark day.’ Type 1 [diabetes] diagnosis day. This year will be year 11 years.”

Roses and other flowers are common gifts for Valentine’s Day gifts, and they don’t have to be simply for lovers! Give a flower to a friend or family member this month.

Ashley J.

“You could celebrate Leslie Knope style with Galentines day!”

The answers seen here range from light to dark, Valentine’s related and not so Valentine’s related. I personally love to hand out a single flower to many of my friends in school because I love Valentine’s Day, and I believe it is about more than romance. See my article on the history of Valentine’s Day for more of an idea why I think Valentine’s Day was meant to be more than a day to give gifts.

As each person in this article demonstrates, Valentine’s Day can be used to celebrate anything, and each type of celebration has value. You can choose how best to honor yourself, your loved ones, and the people who came before you by remembering what love really means this Valentine’s season and next.

Grace Baldwin
(Bethany) Grace Baldwin has an Associate Degree in Journalism from Angelina College and is working on a double major of English and Journalism at Stephen F. Austin State University. She thoroughly enjoys reading, writing, and has an indelible passion for words.

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