Angelina College Announces List Of 2015 Graduates


Angelina College is pleased to release the list of graduates for Fall 2015 semester, with more than 180 students receiving their degrees and/or certifications.

Following is the list divided by hometown of record and including the appropriate degree and/or certification:


Lonesha Mosley, Cert., Vocational Nurse.


Daimeques Cleveland, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; and Addison Weaver, AA, Music.

Bridge City

Grace Brown, AA, Teaching.


Katheryn Ford, AA, Theatre.


Regina Brown, AAS, Human Services-Case Management Specialty and Cert., Human Services; Martin Chavez, AAS, Management Development; Jorge Gomez, Cert., EMT-Renewable Energy; and Yarisa Lopez, AAS, Human Services-Case Management and Cert., Human Services.


Hillary Armstrong, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Makaila Brown, Cert., Vocational Nurse; and Latonia White, Cert., Vocational Nurse.


James Parrish, Cert., Vocational Nurse.


Jessica Buenrostro, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Daniel Castillo, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Daniel Compean, Cert., EMT-Renewable Energy, EMT-Electrical Specialty, EMT-Maintenance Technology Specialist; Monica Estrada, Cert., Office Administration, Office Administration-Word Processing; Justin Flores, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Yadira Juarez, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Katie McElveen, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Jose Sandoval, Cert., EMG-Maintenance Technology Specialty, EMT-Electrical Specialty; Juan Solis, Cert., EMT-Fluid Power Specialty, Electrical Specialty; Cliff Whitehead, Cert., EMT-Industrial HVAC Specialty; Hunter Willis, AAS, EMT-Electrical Specialty; and Andrew Y’Barbo, AAS, Management Development.


Jacob Snyder, Cert., EMS-Paramedic.


Leta Pixley, Cert., Surgical Technology.


Nathan Gallaway, Cert., EMS-Paramedic; and Kelley Salmon, AAS, Cert., Child and Family Development;


Mariah Conner, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Branndon Goodson, AA, Health and Physical Education; Robert Leach, Cert., Welding-Basic, Welding-Intermediate; Jonanna Mason, AAS, Design and Applied Arts, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Alexandra McCoy, Cert., Surgical Technology; Kim Reynolds, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; and Shelby Williams, AS, Business-Leading to BBA.


Mary Cooper, Cert., Child and Family Development, Child and Family Development-Administrative; Ashley Everett, Cert., Human Services, Human Services-Case Management Specialty; and Nella Newman, Cert., Vocational Nurse.


Dustin Elder, AAS, General Business.


Shawnna Agate, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Andrew Kight, AAS, Criminal Justice; Cabrena Lunsford, AAS, Management Development; Eva Pecoraro Girod, AAS, General Business; ChiAnne Puckett, Cert., Surgical Technology; and Keri Tippie, Cert., Real Estate Salesman.


Christopher Adams, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Ariel Aguilar, AAS, Drafting and Design; Ariadna Amaro, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Aaron Blanco, Cert., Surgical Technology; Itzel Bocanegra, AS, General Curriculum; Angela Bolin, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Charlene Canda, AAS, General Business; Eric Cardwell, Cert., EMT-Fluid Power Specialty; Melanie Chittum, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Susan Cook, AAS, Criminal Justice; Katherine Craft, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Jacqueline Dixon, AAS, Cert., Child and Family Development; Satori Doyle, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Adolfo Duran, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Jesus Espitia-Medina, Cert., EMT-Maintenance Technology Specialty, EMT-Electrical Specialty; Melodey Gauman, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Jordan Gibson, AAS, Criminal Justice; Gloria Glover, AAS, Human Services-Case Management Specialty; Skylan Graham, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Theodore Greene, Cert., EMS-Paramedic; Randerika Greer, Cert., Surgical Technology; David Griffin, Cert., EMS-Paramedic; Thaddous Guidry, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Johnny Hernandez, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Ryan Huls, Cert., EMS-Paramedic; Amanda Humphrey, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Dolores Jacobo, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Stephen John, AAS, EMT-Electrical Specialty; David Jones, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Deana Jones, AA, General Curriculum; Emily Keller, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Carlos King, AAS, Welding, Cert., Welding-Intermediate and Welding-Basic; Kelly Knott, AAS, Criminal Justice; Misael Lerma, AAS, Drafting and Design; Jonathan Leubner, Cert., Welding-Intermediate and Welding-Basic; Elwanda Limbrick, AAS, Child and Family Development; Luis Lopez, Cert., Welding-Basic; Jennifer Luna, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Brittany Majefski, AA, General Curriculum; Lisette Martinez, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Cody McFarland, AAS, CIS Network Support Technician; Andrea McMahon, AAS, Office Administration; Kyal Meyers, Cert., EMS-Paramedic; Gary Modisette, Cert., EMT-Fluid Power Specialty; Steven Moulder, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Maria Palomino, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Mihirkumar Patel, AAS, CIS-Programmer Analyst; Alejandro Ramirez, Cert., EMT-Electrical Specialty; Natalie Ramirez, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Raul Ramirez, Cert., Surgical Technology; Christelle Ramos, Cert., Surgical Technology; Tyler Rayburn, AA, Health and Physical Education; Tiffany Revay, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Andrea Reyes, AS, Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy; Heather Richson, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Laura Rogers, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Roberto Roman, Cert., EMT-Electrical Specialty, EMT-Maintenance Technology Specialty; Elvia Santana, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Roger Servin, AAS, Design and Applied Arts; Amie Silva, AAS, Design and Applied Arts; Teya Simmons, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Denise Slomba, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Hannah Smith, AA, Teaching; Lauren Smith, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Autumn Spies, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Alexander Staggs, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Stephen Stockman, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Christine Teague, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Amy Trainer, Cert., Surgical Technology; Margarita Vargas, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Rebekah Walsh, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Donnie White, AAS, Drafting and Design; Benjamin Williams, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Kayla Williams, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; and Te’Undra Williams, Cert., Vocational Nurse.


Katrena Martin, AS, Business-Leading to BBA.


Yadira Aldaco, Cert., General Business; Priscilla Brandt, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Deborah Calhoun, Cert., Human Services; Devin Fletcher, Cert., Vocational Nurse; Paz Garcia Gallegos, AAS, Legal Assistant-Paralegal; Martin Lopez, AA, Visual Arts; Darrin Marino, AAS, Welding, Cert., Welding-Intermediate, Welding-Basic and Machine Tool-Computerized Numerical Control; Katia Navarro, Cert., Office Administration; Marycarmen Ramirez, AAS, Criminal Justice; Dylan Richardson, Cert., Welding-Basic; Naaman Scott, AAS, CIS-Network Support Technician, Cert., CIS-Network Administration; Maribel Soto-Mendoza, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Morgan Stott, AAS, Drafting and Design; Callie Wallace, Cert., Surgical Technology; and Stepheny Warner, AAS, Human Services-Case Management, Cert., Human Services.


Britney Rosario, AS, Business-Leading to BBA.


Amy Wisdom, Cert., Vocational Nurse.


Jasmine Blake, Cert., Vocational Nurse; and Christina Miller, AAS, General Business.


Christie Johnson, AA, Teaching; Suzanne McCormack, Cert., Child and Family Development-Administrative; Cassie Nash, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Janice Russell, Cert., Vocational Nurse; and Christian Yarbrough, Cert., EMS-Paramedic.


Melba Pope, Cert., Vocational Nurse.

San Augustine

Ashley Moon, AA, Teaching; Kenneth Taylor, AA, Health and Physical Education; and Tyler Williams, Cert., EMS-Paramedic.


Samir Reyes Figueroa, Cert., Welding-Basic.

Tennessee Colony

Shelly Brown, Cert., Vocational Nurse.


Robert Burchett IV, AAS, Welding.


Christie Gore, AA, Teaching.


Caleb Dove, AA, General Curriculum.


Travis Bolgiano, AS, Business-Leading to BBA.


William Letney, Cert., Welding-Intermediate and Welding-Basic.

Gary Stallard
Sports Information Director Gary Stallard, who also serves as a Liberal Arts Instructor, begins his eleventh season with Angelina College. Following a career as a U.S. Marine, Stallard completed his bachelor’s degree at Stephen F. Austin University, where he majored in English and Journalism. For more than 16 years, he has worked as a sports writer/columnist/photographer for the Lufkin Daily News; he continues to contribute free-lance articles on occasion. Stallard has won several awards for writing, including the Golden Hoops Award for basketball writing in 2003, Regional Sports Writer of the Year in 2004, and the Texas Press Association’s first-place award for column writing in 2007 and in 2014. He has also done basketball, football and baseball radio and live streaming play-by- play and color commentary for an ESPN affiliate. Currently Stallard serves as play-by-play broadcaster for AC basketball, baseball and softball games. Prior to arriving at Angelina College, Stallard taught English at Lufkin High School for four years. He currently teaches Developmental Writing classes at AC. He and his wife Susan live in Lufkin.

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