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I have been pursuing to find a great iOS calendar app as possible in hopes of finding the best one out there that meets my needs. The point is not to have another good calendar app that I can simply post my calendar on, but that I can use to organize my day, prompt me to use my time effectively, and actually have many of the features that I am envious of Android users with Google Now (Android users should check this out if you haven’t).

One app that I added to the mix that was honestly not given much thought was the app Tempo. Below is our honest and surprising review of the app.

The Good

Tempo is more than “just a calendar app” and here are some fo the things that make it great.

  • Running Late: The idea of pre-populated “running late” email or texting is something that I never thought about an iOS calendar app having but Tempo is geared towards a business user and so it makes sense. Perfect for someone like me always on the go.
  • Customizable: You can actually customize your calendar with photos to make the experience more enjoyable as you progress through your day. The fact that this is an option shows that they are pushing you towards more usability.
  • Flight Status: This new job I am embarking on will require lots of travel and the flight status integration is nice for someone that will be flying more than normal. This way I now know if I will be late or not while rushing to the gate.

The Bad

Tempo was definitely a great find but I want more. Here are three things that could be added and now I’m just being picky.

  • Better Navigation: I need better navigation for this it took me quite awhile to be able to find the monthly view. It was not hard to do, but not intuitive at all and with all of the options, the basic components get lost in the shuffle.
  • More Than Google Calendars: I love Google Calendars but if I have to at any time change from Google Calendars by exporting and importing elsewhere, I am in trouble with my mobile app because Tempo only works with Google for now.
  • Google Maps Integration: Because some of the other calendar apps have great qualities too, I’m a calendar snob now. One of my favorite calendar apps has Google Maps integration to help you drive to your destination, a perfect piece to the Tempo’s already long list of impressive features.

That’s all I have this week. Until we meet again, live long and proper

Charles Roberds

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A true geek but with style. When faced with a problem, Charles ask himself “What would Batman do?” Charles is a nut when it comes to the latest tech and apps on the market. Apple or PC it doesn’t matter, whatever is the best. iOS or Android, he actually owns both kind of devices. Charles has been know to spend more time on social media than asleep. Oh and let’s not forget he’s a hardcore gamer as well.

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