Boxcar BBQ: A Smokin’ Success Story from Lufkin, Texas


In the bustling heart of Lufkin, Texas, a local culinary gem is making waves. Boxcar BBQ, founded by chef-turned-pitmaster Jeremy Staggs, has quickly become a cornerstone of the community, bringing people together with the irresistible allure of smoked meats and genuine Texas hospitality. As Boxcar BBQ prepares to transition to a new, permanent location, the story of its growth reflects a journey of passion, quality, and community engagement.

From Humble Beginnings to Culinary Dreams

Jeremy Staggs’ culinary journey is as flavorful as his BBQ. After attending culinary school in Houston, Staggs discovered a fiery passion for BBQ, a discovery that would eventually lead him to open Boxcar BBQ in 2019, with its doors opening in Lufkin by March 2023.

“The first time I smoked a rack of ribs, I knew I was hooked,” Staggs recalls. “It was the smokey, sweet, and robust flavors that drew me in.”

Unique Offerings at Boxcar BBQ

What sets Boxcar BBQ apart is not just the quality of its food but also its commitment to local sourcing and innovative flavors. The restaurant proudly offers Nolan Ryan grass-fed Texas-raised brisket, pork spareribs, turkey breast, pulled pork, and locally made sausages.

“Once we move to our new location, we plan to start making our own sausage,” Staggs adds, emphasizing his dedication to local craftsmanship.

Every side dish at Boxcar BBQ, from the chipotle bacon potato salad to the poblano coleslaw, is made fresh daily. The restaurant also features a unique monthly tres leches cake, with past flavors including Turtle and Death by Chocolate, showcasing Staggs’ culinary creativity.

A New Home on East Burke Avenue

Looking forward, Boxcar BBQ is set to move to 213 E. Burke in Lufkin, a relocation that promises exciting expansions.

“Our new location will allow us to seat 100 people inside and significantly increase our smoking capacity with a new 1000 gallon smoker,” explains Staggs. This expansion is not just physical but also culinary, with plans to introduce more sides and seasonal offerings that rotate with the East Texas seasons.

Engagement with the Lufkin Community

Community is at the heart of Boxcar BBQ’s operations. The restaurant frequently donates to local churches and schools, reinforcing BBQ as a medium of community and care.

“Every person is special, and we handle each individual with care,” says Staggs, who makes an effort to remember customers’ names and orders, personalizing the dining experience.

Vision for the Future

As Boxcar BBQ looks to the future, its vision remains clear: to continue focusing on quality and local-first ingredients. “In 5 years, we hope to grow into a destination not just for East Texas but for the entire state,” Staggs shares enthusiastically. With plans to open other culinary concepts, the future of Boxcar BBQ is as promising as the flavors it serves.

A Taste of Texas Available Nationwide

For those not in Texas, Boxcar BBQ extends its reach through its website, where fully smoked and vacuum-sealed BBQ is available for nationwide shipping. Visit Boxcar BBQ to order a taste of Texas delivered straight to your door.

As Boxcar BBQ continues to grow and serve the community, its story remains a testament to the power of passion, quality, and genuine Texas hospitality. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, a visit to Boxcar BBQ is sure to leave a lasting impression, one smokey flavor at a time.

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