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It’s not quite Spring, but too close to Easter to call it Winter… it’s the time of the year that makes me dream about vacation. I have vowed to myself that I would plan an inexpensive, yet fun filled getaway. I have looked at a wine tour in Napa, California… well, that didn’t meet the inexpensive part. I looked at a beach vacation and that was just too over done… so, now I sit here when it’s not quite Spring, not quite Winter not quite lunchtime…hungry! I am hungry for adventure and food… so, I believe I am going to take an “Eat Nasty” vacation.

What am I talking about??? I didn’t quite have it figured out until I read a food blog about eating at dives in the South! Well, I am as Southern as pearls on Sunday…and I believe that all food needs to be enjoyed (regardless of caloric count, artery clogging or how hot it is). So, this year… my vacation will be different. I won’ t have to buy a swimsuit, new shades or even go on a diet before I leave… this year…vacation will be about eating my way through some of the best roadside dives I can find!

I believe I am going to start just down the road in Jasper, TX and get my fix of fried catfish and frog legs at a place called the Stump…maybe move onto AJ’s Pizza in Overton and fill myself with the best muffeletta you have ever eaten… possibly drive on over to Kilgore and devour a hamburger and homemade chips at the Back Porch and listen to a live band while I drink a cold beverage from an amber bottle. I once overheard a man take a long swig from one of these, let a breath out & turn to his buddy and announce why do these make all the women better looking? I may need a few of those after eating my way through East Texas.

I will wear elastic waist shorts, t-shirts and flip flops all for ease and comfort during my Southern girl versus Southern Food Eat Nasty Vacation. I will devour this food like I do life. I will savor every morsel and proclaim with the same fire and brimstone excitement as a Baptist Preacher at a tent revival… “Praise the Lord and pass the gravy!!!”

Near the end of my “Eat Nasty” vacation, I will find my way to Venus and dine on the finest sugar rimmed red, white & green margaritas along with heavenly queso flameado. Cheese so rich and gooey and salty you have to lick the sugar rimmed margarita to clear your taste buds for the scoop of salsa. I will listen to music played softly in the background in a language I don’t know, while I watch kids still get gum and balls from quarter machines. I will allow my legs to settle against the vinyl of a booth warmed by the atmosphere.

At night when it’s time to enjoy a little more “Eat Nasty” and some great local Texas artist, I will roll on over to Cleburne and order a ribeye that will knock your socks off and listen to a local band play and dance with their fans. The old cowboys will tip their hats as they pass your table and remove theirs when they sit down at Caddo Street Grill. The ladies will request great music like Steve Wariner and Mason Dixon and dance with their cowboys while drinking a whisky sour and twirling the cherry with their painted fingernails.

Vacation… this seems more like a dream… and the fact I can do all this where the sky is the biggest I have seen and the yellow rose is still an honor to receive… is pure magic. I can’t wait to pack!

Aunt B –


About The Author

Barbie Driskell (Aunt B) was raised in the shade of pine trees of East Texas.

“I am very proud of my roots, just like a pine tree, may not be deep but they sure take over when left to their own devices. I smile frequently, laugh genuinely and live simply.”

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