How to Rid Yourself of Boredum


Boredom comes and goes, but it can be helped. I’ve gathered things to do from three different resources so you don’t have to dig deeper than you need to! has a lot of ideas to choose from! From cleaning to wasting time, they all seem like fun options. Here are some things they recommend:

  • Write a story
    • Get those creative juices flowing and make a fictional story. You could even write a story about yourself!
  • Try origami
    • Sometimes trying something that makes you think is a good thing! Especially when it’s something as complex as origami.
  • Sing along to your favorite songs
    • Singing is a fun way to let loose and learn the lyrics of your favorite songs.
  • Try new outfits
    • Thinking of new outfits for the next day is productive and fun! It is also very beneficial to you.
  • Call a friend
    • Giving someone a call could be fun! You never know what you might talk about. has 100 activities for you to do so go check out their post! For now, take a look at the things I think are the most fun from the list.

  • Make your own movie
    • Whether it be a funny, scary, sad, or happy movie, it could be fun acting as if you were the main character.
  • Make mixed playlists
    • Making a mixed playlist means having a bunch of different genres of songs all in one playlist or having a mix of different types of moods the songs give off.
  • Write a letter
    • Writing a letter to yourself or maybe even that one crush you have at work or school could be relieving. Think of it like this, if you don’t give it to anyone, it’s free range to write about anything!
  • Start a blog
    • Document everything that goes on. Who knows, maybe you’ll become famous.
  • Shop online
    • Shopping online can be a good way to get things that might not be in stores. Just be careful not to spend too much. has 50 suggestions and their recommendations are good. I put together five suggestions that I think you will like!

  • Read a book
    • Reading can broaden your vocabulary and some books are just so interesting that you’ll get sucked in.
  • Create a scrapbook
    • A scrapbook is something to place memories in! Putting pictures and letters in a scrapbook is a great way to keep those precious memories with you at all times.
  • Clean out your closet
    • Taking the time to clean out your closet can be tricky but is a must-do!
  • Create a shopping list
    • While you’re in the store, do you ever find yourself wondering what you’re forgetting? Write a shopping list! Then you’ll be good to go and won’t forget what you’re missing.
  • Have a dance party
    • Show off your moves to a stuffed animal and have fun with it! Being goofy is really fun when you’re alone!

There are definitely more ways to have fun when you’re bored, although keep in mind how much time you’re spending doing these things because time flies by when you’re having fun. These suggestions helped me a lot whenever I had time to spare!

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