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Lufkin District and State Preparing for Eclipse

Lufkin District and State Preparing for Eclipse

LUFKIN — The Texas Department of Transportation is warning drivers to take extra caution on Monday, April 8, as a total solar eclipse will be visible throughout the state from late morning to early afternoon.

As this intergalactic experience comes front and center, out-of-state visitors and Texans traveling to get a perfect view are expected. This will cause heavier traffic on major roadways. Plan for delays, and longer travel times, and give yourself extra time to get to your destination before and after the eclipse.

TxDOT urges drivers wanting to view the eclipse to park their vehicle in a safe location and avoid stopping in the roadway or on the shoulder. Do not try to view the eclipse while driving. TxDOT has multiple safety rest areas and Travel Information Centers with safe places to park. Those locations and real-time traffic updates can be found at drivetexas.org.

“The Lufkin District is prepared to monitor the roadways and traffic on our major roadways throughout the day,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information officer. “We are all excited to watch this event, but safety is our number one goal, and we urge the public to also make it their goal to stay safe while driving before, after, and during the eclipse.”

The Lufkin District will also have crews traveling to assist as needed in the Bryan and Waco districts, as they are in the path of totality. Major roadways through the district that could see heavier than normal traffic are US 59, US 69, and US 96, but there could be additional roadways impacted.

TxDOT wants the traveling public to be aware of these safety tips the day of the eclipse:

  • Prepare your vehicle and yourself for extra time on the road. Check tire pressure and have water and snacks in your vehicle in case of heavy traffic delays.
  • Be calm and courteous on the road, slow down and be ready for increased traffic.
  • Dispose of all trash in a proper trash can. Don’t mess with Texas means don’t litter.

Highway message boards are set to warn drivers not to stop on the road or park on the shoulder. For more information, visit the eclipse web page at txdot.gov.

For media inquiries, contact Rhonda.Oaks@txdot.gov or call (936) 404-7485.