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My Make-Up Recommendations

My Make-Up Recommendations

I am very picky about my makeup, so I tend to stick to the same products when I go out. Here are a few products that I love and have been using for a while!

These two mascaras are the best that I have ever tried! The one on the left is great for people like me that have really watery eyes, and the one on the right gives your eyelashes a lot of volume making them look full and lengthy. These two are on the pricy side, but I would say the money is worth it!

This is a four in one compact that I use for my blush. This product comes in many different colors and variations that are pretty and unique. For my daily makeup routine, I usually only use the blush and the highlighter, but it gives me the option to use it all when I want to!

I just bought this product a few weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with it! I have a few different shades, but this one is my favorite! It’s super creamy and pigmented which gives a beautiful effect.

This is my all-time favorite eyeshadow palette I own. My favorite colors to use in my inner corner of my eye is ‘Third Eye’ and ‘Wavelength’. They add a cool pop to your eyes and the shades are perfect for most of my outfits!