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Change and Growth: How Life Experiences Can Change Perception 

Change and Growth: How Life Experiences Can Change Perception 

There are many ways that a man can grow while changing in the process and there are other ways that a man can change while growing in the process. In the case of Squidward, in an episode of  Spongebob titled “Squidville”, Squidward longs for a better life away from Patrick and Spongebob and embarks on a pursuit in which his thirst for happiness and peace can be satisfied. Though Squidward did not find what he thought would be the solution to his problems, it can be said that he learned an important lesson and that his meltdown signified both change and growth in his character.

It is inevitable that life experiences change the perceptions of many peoples’ views on life and various situations, and it is only through certain circumstances that either awakens one to wisdom or leaves him asleep to it. Most people know the fictional story of King Midas, the king of Phrygia in Asia Minor who had already possessed great fortunes, thought that he could only achieve true happiness if it was provided by gold. When the king requested the god Dionysus to grant him the “golden touch”, Midas soon learned how wrong he was. He did not realize what was really important until things like food and drinks turned into gold or when he went to kiss his own daughter and she turned to gold. After begging Dionysus to remove the spell, he washed himself in the river Pactolus and became grateful for the things that he previously took for granted (his daughter, food, water, shelter, etc).

The likewise happened to Squidward when he packed up his bags for “Squidville”, where other creatures like him congregated and lived in harmony. But things began to get weary when Squidward started to go though the same routine day after day, with everyone having the same interests, going to the same places, and doing the same things. Squidward grew tired of this and the first moment there is a glimpse of change and growth in his character is when he hears the slightest bit of noise and says, “Spongebob?”, hoping that the one whom he thought he despised would show up.

 Squidward ends up destroying everything he thought could give him happiness in Squidville, thus leading both his growth as a character and to the conclusion of the whole matter: life is not worth living when every single increment of it is dull and repetitive daily, one needs an abundance of new things to try and different things to explore, and friends (regardless of how crazy they may be) who will overlook their flaws and stick by their side.