Biometric Security Cards May Be In Our Near Future


Smart Metric, Inc. has been in the process of creating a credit and security card that uses biometrics to highten the level of security, and it looks like their technology is about to peak.

“We have spent over a decade in research and development in order to make a credit card with a fingerprint scanner built inside the card. Based on this R&D, we are now able to move relatively quickly into bringing to market a world leading biometric-based multi-function access control and identity card that is no thicker than a standard credit card,” SmartMetric’s President & CEO, Chaya Hendrick said.

The security card can also send frequencies to doors to open them using radio frequency identification, a technology that uses tiny computer chips to track items such as consumer commodities at a distance. The card has a smartcard chip that secures a log-on to computer networks. It can also use visual identity with on-the-spot ID verification.

All of these features will be on one small or miniature security card. Technology such as this could change the way security and payment is done.

“This multi-function access control and identity card, no thicker than a standard credit card, brings to the world of security a brand new and cutting edge product,” concludes Hendrick.

SmartMetric, Inc. is a technology engineering, research, and development company that has developed miniature electronic systems and software for use in the field of biometric identification and validation for the payments industry as well as the corporate and government sectors.  For more information about the development of the security card, go to the SmartMetric website.

Grace Baldwin
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