Small space? Not a problem!


If you are staring at your small space and wondering how you can possibly fit your belongings and still love the look, don’t worry…. it’s definitely possible!

There are many tricks to make a small space appear larger.  Just as we use particular clothes, accessories and cosmetics to bring out the best in our body types the same can be done for bringing out big style in a small space.

First find the “eye catcher” in the room.  This can be a beautiful floor, interesting room shape, view or even a fireplace.  Keep this positive element of the room in mind and design around it.  Neutral colors work fabulously in small spaces.  Keep your walls, floors and drapes neutral and get that “pop” of color from accessories.

Let the light shine in a small space.  Both natural light and light sources are an almost instant focal point in a small space.  Use a large mirror or grouping of mirrors to reflect light and the transformation can really be amazing, especially if they are placed to reflect natural light.

Thickly padded and overstuffed furnishings can suffocate a small space.  Opt instead for armless furniture and more streamlined designs.  Consider two love seats arranged at a 90 degree angle for example, instead of a large sofa.

A great tip for a small space is to use an ottoman in place of a coffee table.  Beautiful trays placed atop an ottoman can transform it into a table or hold magazines

Draw the eye upward in the small space by using floor lamps instead of table lamps.  Corners are key in this type of space.  Use your creativity to place furniture in a corner to create a workstation or reading nook.

In a small space choose great focus pieces when accessorizing.  Groupings and collections tend to make a small space look cluttered and messy.

Keep your small space open and airy with a streamlined look and you just may find it to be your favorite space yet!

By Sabrina Lumpkin

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