4 Places to Play and Stay


Spending time outside, admiring the beauty of nature can be relaxing. From hearing the birds sing in the morning to feeling the breeze against your face, there are truly wonderful experiences to behold. Since spring break is coming up, taking a day, a weekend, or a week at a local park is a good way to spend your break!

Pineland Park

Many people have left good reviews about Pineland Park saying that the scenery and walking trails are quite good and beautiful. It’s a great place to take your dog for a walk or take your kids out to play. Pineland Park has a playground and a pool, great for family and friends to go hangout and have fun with each other!

Dr. Dann Memorial City Park in Hemphill

Dr. Dann Memorial City Park is a great place for younger children to go play at. It’s a small and quiet park, great for getting some time to read a book or just rest in the great outdoors.The park has some good walking trails, bathrooms, and playground equipment. Scenery here is beautiful and there is plenty of shade with the trees.

San Augustine Park

San Augustine Park is just off of Lake Sam Rayburn Resevoir. This park has areas for camping there with a tent or with an RV! There’s a swimming area, you can fish while you are there, and the scenery is just amazing! This is a great place to stay during fishing tournaments since it’s so close.

Ebenezer Park

Ebenezer Park is in Jasper, and it’s also right off of the banks of Lake Sam Raburn Resevior. It’s a wonderful place to bring your family and friends to have fun and goof off for the weekend or week as there are areas here too for tents or RV’s. You can take a dip in the lake, or even take a canew out with a friend. There are trails to walk and explore with amazing sights!

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