Budget-Friendly Tips to Celebrate Summer at Home


Summertime is often synonymous with longer days, sweet sunshine and memorable times with friends and family.

Whether it is time spent at backyard cookouts, in the garden or simply basking in the rays, make sure you have your bases covered with these helpful tips for all your summer entertaining needs.

Backyard Hangs

As the temperatures begin to rise, spending time outdoors can be a great way to enjoy the longer days. Summer can provide the perfect opportunity to design a dreamy backyard space. Create an inviting atmosphere by stringing lights, filling potted planters with colorful flowers and updating patio furniture with decorative pillows and cushions. Kids can find endless fun and outdoor adventures with inflatables, water toys or lawn water slides. Repurpose items around the house or in the garage to build an outdoor obstacle course.

Summertime Cookouts

Take cooking and entertaining skills outside and get ready for amazing family cookouts. To host the most budget-friendly get-together, plan ahead by Creating a shopping list of thing you will need so that there is more than enough food and fun to go around.

Decorate the space with patriotic red, white, and blue banners on the porch, American flags in flowerpots or festive tablecloths. Kick off the holiday with a signature drink! Strawberry limeade, fruit punch or a lemonade spritzer are all fun, kid-friendly options. When the sun sets you can also start up a small bonfire to finish off a fun get together.

Entertaining Needs

Welcome friends and guests to a comfortable environment with the right picnic essentials. Stock up on sunscreen, blankets, napkins, plates, cups and tableware. Consider disposable picnic tableware, plate and cups for quick clean-up. During the day, set up umbrellas around the yard to make shady spots. When the sun begins to set, burn citronella candles to ward off mosquitos. And don’t forget the tunes. Hook up a Bluetooth speaker to listen to a favorite summer playlist.

Whether celebrating a summer holiday or having a backyard hang with friends, make memories all summer long with fun and affordable entertaining.

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