Clarity’s Corner – Let’s Talk About Heath



Let’s Talk About Heath- what is it? What helps it? What hurts it? Can it be changed?


Hard questions to answer with so many opinions, media outlets, experts and old timers. In this day and time differentiating between truth and gimmick is a chore to say the least- but I’m here to help!


This weekly write up is aimed to be a corner of clarity.

My goal is to help clear up some confusion many Americans face, shed light on lies we’ve been told, blot out the absurd media slants that our culture shovels through daily, and hopefully make your days brighter.


Merriam-Webster defines health as 1a : the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit ; especially freedom from disease or pain. 2a : flourishing condition: well-being


With all that said please visit my corner weekly as we look at ways to improve your health and set the standard of your days to a flourishing condition!



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Much love. God bless.

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