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Texas State Forest Festival Pom/Dance Team Competition (Angelina County)

September 17, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

GO! FIGHT! WIN! The East Texas Cheerleading & Pom/Dance Championships, presented by Integra Insurance, is back this year and will take place Sunday, September 17 at 1 PM in the Main Arena.

1. There is no charge to enter the competition. However, completion and return of the enclosed entry form is required. The deadline for entry is end of business, Friday, September 1, 2023.
2. There will be 5 categories of competition: Jazz, Hip Hop, Kick, Pom & Officers. (must have at least 3 schools entered into the category to have competition)
3. There will be 2 age groups: High School and Jr. High/Middle School. The explanation of the categories of competition is as follows:
Jazz: Classic Jazz Technique; Must contain basic jazz choreography, with appropriate music. No more than 20% hip-hop style. Judging will be based on style, appropriate technique, which includes turns, leaps, correct extension, completion of movements and overall choreography.

Hip Hop: A trendy style of current dance form; street style original dance with isolations and abstract movements. Judging will be based on style, appropriate hip-hop movements, and appropriate music. Please remember this is a family event.
Kick: Precision dance; may be a small or large group. No solos, duet, or tríos. Must have no less than75% kicks. Judging will be based on the height of kicks, power of kicks, types of kicks, formations, and overall difficulty.
Pom: Must incorporate pom-pons in dance or gymnastic style routine; should contain precision movements and must incorporate a pom 80% of the time. Judging will be based on pom technique, dance steps, and overall choreography. Must be high energy!
Officers Only: Open to any of the genres of dance listed above.
Total performance time should be between (2) two and (2) two and half minutes. Timing will start at the beginning of the music and end when the music has stopped.

4. This year we are urging you to email your music in advance of the competition, so we can create a comprehensive playlist prior to the competition. Please email your music to CMurray@LufkinTexas.org. We also encourage each entry to have their music on an iPod/iPhone and it must be cued to the correct placement. A sound system will be provided.
5. The performance area will be a 42’ deep x 54’ wide carpeted gymnastics floor mat on the arena floor.
6. The use of props is allowed.
7. The basis for judging is as follows:

• Composition, Creativity, Difficulty, Appropriateness and Musical Interpretation
• Continuity/Transitions, Use of Area/Stage, Changing of Levels/Floorworks, and Visual Effects
• Upper & Lower Body Precision, Timing, Spacing and Uniformity of Kick Height
• Body Control, Technique, Range of Motion, Dynamics, Turns/Pivots/Flanks, Legwork, Footwork and Flexibility
• Facial Expression, Projection, Focus, Confidence in Performance, Musicality, Body Energy, Uniform and Grooming.

• Going over the 2.5-minute time allowance
• Not having music cued up and ready to go
• Questionable or vulgar dance moves

8. Check-in will begin Sunday, September 17th at 11:00 am. Check-in will take place near the main arena of the Angelina County Exposition Center. The competition will begin at 1:00 pm. Each squad will be given 3 minutes to warm up all routines designated practice mat (without music) prior to competition. Going over time will result in a 5-point penalty. The floor will be open for this warmup beginning at 11:00 a.m.
9. Judges will be provided through the management of Academy of Gymnastics and Dance.
10. Complimentary Tickets to the Forest Festival will be given to the Cheer/Dance sponsor prior to the competition based on the number of students listed on the registration form. ONE complimentary pass is allowed for TWO sponsors. Additional tickets for staff, family members and friends may be purchased at the entrance gate for $8.
11. A Best of Show award will also be given in both the Jr. High and High School Divisions.



September 17, 2023
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Main Arena