How and Why to Improve the Fit of Your Mask


As more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19, you may find yourself out and about more. Whether you’re returning to the workplace or just getting a haircut, mask requirements may be in place in certain venues you frequent.

New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations highlight the importance of snugly fitting masks. The good news is that innovations are helping people secure the fit of their masks, and, at the same time, solve some of the most common complaints they have when wearing them.

“As we began to wear masks in 2020, we found ourselves frustrated by things like fogging glasses and slipping masks. Our team has extensive experience solving health-related challenges and thought there had to be a way to address this,” says Dave Franchino, co-founder at MaskTite, a company that makes a medical-grade, double-sided tape designed to adhere to the inside of a mask for a more secure fit.

Franchino, with his background in medical product design, set to work with his team to design a way to give people of all face sizes and shapes a fast and easy way to make every mask fit better. Made of skin-safe, medical-grade, adhesive tape, MaskTite strips eliminate common mask problems like gaps, fogging glasses and slipping, and are sized for adults and children.

Here Franchino explains how to solve some of most common mask woes, some of which you’ve likely experienced:

• Loose fit and slipping masks: Readjusting your mask when it starts to slip is not always possible, whether it’s because you have your hands full of groceries or work tools or you simply want to avoid touching your face. Keeping the mask affixed to your face with tape can eliminate slipping when it matters most, and achieve a tighter fit, supporting the latest CDC recommendations.

• Foggy glasses: The warm air of your breath escaping from the top of your mask can quickly make glasses foggy, causing a new hazard — an inability to see. While it can be tough to find a mask that fits securely enough to eliminate fog, applying a solution like MaskTite to the inside of your mask means you can get a proper fit and better visibility, no matter what mask you’re using.

• Irritating straps: A tight-fitting mask is great in many respects, but the straps can put a strain on the backs of one’s ears. Plus, there are times when mask straps can simply be in the way, such as when you’re getting a haircut. Securing your mask to your face with tape means you can go strap-free.

Waterproof and hypoallergenic, MaskTite strips can improve mask fit in a variety of environments, including healthcare, schools, retail and restaurant settings, salons, offices, manufacturing and more. Packaged in a resealable, plastic pouch that’s easy to throw into a pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase, they are currently available for sale through Amazon. MaskTite is made in the U.S. from U.S. materials. Learn more at

“From fogging glasses to slipping, nearly every issue that stems from wearing a mask is related to the mask’s fit. For those spending a lot of time in a mask, at school, work or elsewhere, a good mask-wearing experience can make all the difference,” says Franchino.

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