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The Salvation Army Loves and Serves Those in Need – All Year Long

Lufkin, Texas (March 14, 2024) – Millions of Americans face daily financial struggles and uphill battles to escape poverty. The Salvation Army in Lufkin works all year round to remove the constant burden of worry and stress to provide hope and a way forward for those in need. 

One surprise expense, like an unexpected car repair or medical bill, can be the difference between affording rent, buying groceries or paying monthly bills. “We have people coming through our doors every day seeking basic financial assistance and asking if we are able to help them pay their overdue bills,” said Captain Jenifer Philips, with The Salvation Army of Lufkin. “Many are coming to us for the first time having never been in such dire financial need before. The last few years have been particularly difficult as layoffs and salary cuts have taken their toll, along with the increase in living expenses all impacting family budgets.”

The bills were piling up for Adrian, a working single parent of three boys, and she didn’t know how she would make it. “My hours had been cut at work and there were days where I’d only work half a shift, meaning that my money was less. But the bills just kept coming,” said Adrian. “With nowhere else to go, I turned to The Salvation Army. They had several programs that could help me pay my bills, stay in my home and not out on the street. They’ve really helped me a lot.”

When funds are available, The Salvation Army helps pay overdue bills, preventing homelessness and stabilizing housing for individuals and families who have fallen behind on their expenses and are at risk of losing their homes. “It’s much more than just paying the bills at The Salvation Army. They really cared about me and my boys beyond just my immediate financial needs,” said Adrian. “Working with my case manager, I took a finance class and that helped me realize what was most important: the things I did need and some things I could maybe do without. They didn’t just stop after helping pay the bills, they were there, and I know they’re still there if I need anything.”

Ongoing case management is an integral component of The Salvation Army’s work with individuals and families in need. Clients work one-on-one with case managers, often connecting with local community partners, to resolve complex issues and plan their way forward. “Our work really does stretch well beyond the moment of crisis,” said Captain Philips. “Yes, we’re there in the moment of crisis and greatest need, but we are also committed to Love Beyond the utility bills, rent or whatever a family is facing, to get them on a pathway to success and self-sufficiency.”

The Salvation Army is issuing a rallying cry for Americans to “Love Beyond.” The organization’s message is simply that when we Love Beyond late bills, Love Beyond shelter and Love Beyond disasters, we can provide hope and help for millions who need it. Love Beyond is also a symbol of the resources and programs that so many people rely on year-round when they turn to The Salvation Army for assistance. 

The best way to ensure services continue for those in need is to visit (or call 1-800-SAl-ARMY) where you can make a donation or sign up for a sustaining gift of $25 per month, which could help a family overcome the risks of poverty and eviction. 

Learn more about Love Beyond by visiting The Salvation Army’s website at For more information about how you can help, please contact Captain Jenifer Phillips at 936-223-6624.

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