Making Daylight Saving Time Work for You


Daylight Saving Time (DST) is here, which means you are operating on a brand new schedule. Unfortunately, time changes can cause many negative physical and mental effects on the body — and be a logistical nuisance to boot! To make DST work for you, consider the following tips:

• Wind down in the evening: A good night’s sleep can help you power through anything. A few hours before bed, avoid anything that wires you. This includes that post-dinner cup of joe, high-intensity workouts and blue light from electronic devices. Good alternatives? Caffeine-free herbal tea, yin yoga and curling up with a great book.

• Set dual alarms: Most people think that alarms are just for mornings, but you can use them to remind you when it’s time to go to bed too. The many features of Pro Trek watches make them a good choice of a tool for sticking to your schedule. Plus, keeping your watch bedside, instead of your phone, can help you avoid messing with your shuteye by mindlessly scrolling right before light’s out.

• Get to bed on time: DST, plus longer days, can make it tempting to stay up late. As much as possible, try to keep your bedtime consistent, especially on the weekdays.

• Get more sunlight: Reap the benefits of sunlight and exercise in conjunction with one another for a powerful pick-me-up and mood booster. This will help you combat any negative mental effects associated with the new hours. Whether it’s a short jaunt or a long hike, equip yourself with wearable tech that offers everything you need to navigate the terrain, such as a Pro Trek watch, that offers an altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass sensors.

With a few simple strategies, you can help avoid any DST woes for a healthy, happy start to the season.

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