MSGPR Team Tries Out Bypass Pruners


Haus&Garten sent the MSGPR office a free sample of their Pro Series titanium bypass pruner to try out and review.

There are two sizes for this pruner: one for smaller to medium hands and one for medium to larger hands. We are trying out the medium to larger pruners.

PrunersThe front of the pruner’s packaging boasts a blade that stays sharper longer and resists rust and corrosion. Unfortunately, those are attributes that require a longer time period to test.

However, the back of the package claims several things we could easily test.

One claim is the pruner’s high standard durability and cutting performance. To test this, we attempted to cut several different sizes and types of branches, limbs, and stems.

The size of branch this pruner could easily snip was pleasantly surprising. For their purpose, this pruner can take care of most sizes of plants that need pruning.

The box also claims anti-slip cushioned handle grips with shock absorbing pads to reduce repetitive motion injuries and wrist strain. We can attest to the comfortable grip of this pruner. It would be difficult to let it slip from your hand.

Another claim is the optimal orientation of the cutting edge for the lifetime of the tool. Again, we cannot determine how long the blade lasts currently, but the cutting edge is optimally designed for the purpose of pruning. For most plants, a gardener would desire to cut a 45 degree angle. This blade easily accomplishes that angle.

open prunersThere is also a sap groove designed to prevent sticking and save time by channeling off sap and keeping the blade clean of debris after each cut. For the most part, that is what it does.

There was some debris left on the groove, but it did not get in the way of the pruner’s ability to perform its job.

A cool feature totally worth mentioning is the groove on the inside of the blade. It is there to be used to cut wire so that you do not use the rest of the blade and harm its sharpness.

One issue could be seen with the pruner’s locking mechanism. It is rather complicated and hard to maneuver, and we had to research how it worked before we could figure it out.

Overall, this pruner is well made to perform better than the average set of cheap household pruners, and we would recommend this to the avid gardener.

MSGPR received this product free of charge for a non-biased review. You may order the product HERE.


Grace Baldwin
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