MSGPR Tries Out New Massage Stick


Live Infinitely sent the MSGPR team a free sample of its product: the Forever Massage Stick. #liveinfinitely

This 18 inch massage stick is designed to increase circulation, improve mobility, and relieve knots and tension. The box boasts a flex resistant stainless steel core, gym bag friendly compact size, ergonomic soft rubber hand grips, and durable eccentric ABS rollers.IMG_9229

For the most part, all of those traits are correct. If you are looking for a light massage to relieve tension on the slightly unaccessible parts of the body, this is the tool for you.

It is easy to use on the legs, neck, lower back, and arms. It also easily fits into an overnight bag.

The handles are excellently designed to hold in different positions and keep a firm, comfortable grip.

The rollers are smooth and good for working out light kinks and tension, but if you are searching for a deep tissue massage, this is not the stick for you.

However, for the qualities the Forever Massage Stick boasts, it definitely succeeds.

MSGPR received this product free of charge for a non-biased review. You may order the product HERE.

Grace Baldwin
(Bethany) Grace Baldwin has an Associate Degree in Journalism from Angelina College and is working on a double major of English and Journalism at Stephen F. Austin State University. She thoroughly enjoys reading, writing, and has an indelible passion for words.

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