Slowing Down Is Important


Nowadays, mental health in teens and adults alike is plummeting at an alarming rate. A lot of people think that those with mental health issues are “being too sensitive” and that they “are not mentally strong enough”. Well, this isn’t the case at all. In today’s culture, everyone is constantly working, and not giving themselves breaks. Whether it be work, school, or other commitments, taking a break is extremely beneficial to you in many different ways.

Society tells us that we need to be an all-A’s student in college or high school, have many great accomplishments, and to be completely independent by the time we are an adult and that asking for help is a sign of weakness, or that we would be burdens to those around us. However, that’s not true at all; in fact, the opposite is true. Being stubborn and not knowing when to ask for help is harmful to you and to those who care for you. You do not have to have millions of great accomplishments or be a perfect independent adult. It’s okay to rely on those around you, even if it is more than every once in awhile. In fact, it’s encouraged.

With all of these high expectations, it’s incredibly hard not to crack under all of the pressure. Because of all of these expectations and feeling like they cannot slow down, over 2.7 million of the youth experience severe depression and anxiety, and over 28 million adults are hindered with various mental illnesses. The most common reasons cited were being too busy or unable to take time off from work, being unable to afford the cost, and being afraid or embarrassed to get help.

If your job is not letting you take time off so you can take care of yourself, that is not okay. Yes, costs of everything have gone up, but making money is not worth destroying yourself. If you really cannot take off from work, set some boundaries. Once you are off the clock, that is it. Whatever else you need to do can be done the next day.

School is extremely stressful. Whether it be high school or college, having so many classes with overwhelming amounts of homework, it is hard and a lot of the time too much to deal with. You may not be able to take off from school, but there are ways to make it less stressful. Working on one subject at a time–with maybe an easier one first–taking breaks in between assignments, listen to music, and being sure to eat even if you have to stop what you are doing. These things will help to calm you.

If you have other commitments that are more dreadful than enjoyable, take a step back from it and come back when you believe the time is right.

If you have the time, go out for a bike ride or a walk. Being in nature is relaxing and it gives you time to think. Taking care of your mental health is important because by doing that, you are also taking care of you physical health and your family and friends will not worry about you as much. Take a breather, slow down, and have some fun. You matter and taking a break, taking care of yourself, and asking for the help you need is okay.

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