Angelina College Releases Spring 2023 Dean’s List


Angelina College officials and faculty members are pleased to release the names of 162 students named to the Dean’s Honor List for the Spring 2023 semester.

To qualify for the Dean’s List, students must have enrolled in at least 12 semester hours of college-level work and have attained a grade point average of 3.5 with no grade lower than a “C”.

The names of students who make the Dean’s Honor Lists are posted at the end of each long semester.

Following is the list of recognized students divided by town or city of residency.


Isaac S. Yuna.


Hayden C. Hupe.


Avrye J. Tompkins.


Madison D. Berry, Katilyn A. Clack and Garren R. Toler.


Jennifer Cruz, Lauren L. Cyr, Brian B. Fiolek and Joseph B. Tuggle.


Sara M. Davis. 


James H. Cromer.


Jesus M. Aguirre, Clarissa M. Alday, Fernando DeJesus, Jorge A. Duran, Jaime Franco, Mlisa J. Loving, Tiffany M. Mott, Griselda Reyes, Damyan A. Rojas, Courtenay N. Shrum and Shelby G. White.


Savannah G. Bragg and Karson J. Read.


Lexie N. Mooney.

Florien, LA

Madaline M. Campbell.

Fort Polk, LA

Joshua Longendyke.


Travis L. Fore, Joaxci D. Garzon and Madison L. Winsch.


Wendy Perez-Maldonado.


Rebecca D. Langley, Kaylin S. Magee and Lena D. Taylor.


Alicia J. Garrett and Tammy M. Mitchell.


Daniel Acevedo, Jorge A. Gonzalez Medina, Alexandra Nunez and Alexa K. Ramirez.


Damien P. Anderson, Austin M. Harris, Charity M. Napier, Angel E. Rocha and Mark A. Turner.


Lilian M. Lumumba.


Victor M. Romero and Martha G. Segura.


Emma N. McMullen and Nicholas E. Pennington.

Kent, United Kingdom

Abi C. Hearn.


Aliyah R. Bustamante and Tyler S. Ward.


Samantha J. White.

Lake Jackson

Taylor M. Seay.


Jaden M. Shimp.


Robin M. Assuncao, Joseph C. Batiste, Robin A. Buller, Jordan L. Charlie, Kara P. Gardner, Ty A. Hunter, Leslie M. Johnson, Rylie N. Stephenson and Shakel M. Sykes.


Tonya S. Bitner.


David Acevedo, Calli R. Airington, Olorunjenmose T. Akinlade, Alondra J. Almaguer, Alexandra B. Alvarado, Juana M. Alvarez-Chairez, Giselle Anaya, Jenny Arredondo, Candace E. Barron, Brendon W. Bohall, Elizabeth A. Burrous, Brody Butler, Ashley Calamaco, Sapphire G. Carter, Ethan W. Cates, Whitney M. Cole, Ian J. Cox, Christian T. Crain, Mellisa A. Cutler, Casey R. Dallas-Orr, Kaelie A. Darby, Miguel A. De La Cruz, Neveah N. Donaldson, Neftali Enriquez, Miguel A. Escobedo, William R. Flanigan, Carina Flores, Andre L. Garrett, Madeline D. Gipson, Joachim N. Gutierrez, Lauren E. Hanes-Harvey, Morgan T. Hay, Griselda Herrera, Cristina Hoover, Demi Treanna J. Johnson, Traiton D. Key, Trinity K. Landin, Misty P. Ledesma, Monserrat Lopez, Natalie P. Lopez, Stephanie D. Maldonado, Endea A. McCloud, Cesar A. Meraz, Avery A. Neal,  Robert D. Palacios, Julby N. Perdomo, Luis D. Perez, Nico E. Plowman, Arnold Ramirez, Maria Ramirez, Adriana S. Reyes, Jacqueline Reyes-Gonzalez, Jose I. Rojas, Teresita Santoyo, Jasmine E. Seay, Jaylen D. Sowell, Stormie A. Sterling, William T. Towery, Cecilia Vallejo, Alyssa J. Willis, Ashley M. Zamora and Roberto D. Zavala.


Natalya C. Soto.


David H. Boyer, Chelsea K. Brookshire, Alejandro Garcia, Hannah A. Herndon, Brittany Hutto, David C. Lymbery, Abby L. McDonald, Selina B. Mechell, Markee K. Rasberry, Kayli L. Samford and Esmeralda Vazquez.


Brock M. Holton.

Nicosia, Cyprus

Georgios Theodoulidis.

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Julia Tamasy.


Tiffany Watters.


Kyle S. Coleman, Leonardo Jacobo, Valeria Jacobo, Jessica N. Proctor and Presley D. Slatter.

Riverside, CA

Rebecca E. Stumpf.


Samuel B. Hardcastle.

San Augustine

Miranda M. Walker.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Emilie Doerksen Dueck.


Kaetlyn A. Dunbar.

Sydney, Australia

Mia Gilmore.


Jimmie R. Smith.


Phillip J. Thomas.

Wellington, New Zealand

Lace Tangianau


Kandell E. Castro.


Kennedy Peeples.

Gary Stallard
Sports Information Director Gary Stallard, who also serves as a Liberal Arts Instructor, begins his eleventh season with Angelina College. Following a career as a U.S. Marine, Stallard completed his bachelor’s degree at Stephen F. Austin University, where he majored in English and Journalism. For more than 16 years, he has worked as a sports writer/columnist/photographer for the Lufkin Daily News; he continues to contribute free-lance articles on occasion. Stallard has won several awards for writing, including the Golden Hoops Award for basketball writing in 2003, Regional Sports Writer of the Year in 2004, and the Texas Press Association’s first-place award for column writing in 2007 and in 2014. He has also done basketball, football and baseball radio and live streaming play-by- play and color commentary for an ESPN affiliate. Currently Stallard serves as play-by-play broadcaster for AC basketball, baseball and softball games. Prior to arriving at Angelina College, Stallard taught English at Lufkin High School for four years. He currently teaches Developmental Writing classes at AC. He and his wife Susan live in Lufkin.

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