TFCL Team Tries Out Universal Device Stand



PUR sent the TFCL team a free sample of its metal universal tablet computer/cell phone stand.

This stand has 360 degree rotation fixed at any angle. It can hold a maximum of 2.2 pounds, and it fits most smartphones and tablets. The stand comes with two types of bases: suction cup and clamp.

This stand is quite excellent. We tried it in a variety of ways to test both its durability and function.

To begin, we addressed one of the most common complaints typically held with universal stands. Will the suction cup/sticky base last? To test this, we used the base on a variety of substances and left it sitting on the windshield of a vehicle in the afternoon sun for several days. Through almost every test, the stand passed.

With the use of suction cups and a ring of sticky material, the base is doubly reinforced. Another plus was the sticky substance does not come off on your fingers when you touch it. The stand works best on smooth plastic and glass, and it does not work well on wood. The clasps that control the suction are well made, as is the release function.

The next worry we had was whether or not this stand would be useful in everyday life. It passed with pleasantly surprising flying colors.


With 360 degrees of movement on five points of articulation, the stand is capable of being maneuvered into a large variety of positions that suit many different uses:

  • It is great for use in vehicles. The stand can be attached to the glass on a windshield or the plastic on a dashboard for navigation use, or it can be attached to a sun roof or center console for kids to watch movies with during a long car ride. The slit through the middle of the stand works well while in use to avoid obstructing the driver’s view. However, the stand is not easily folded away when on a windshield.
  • It can be used at home.The stand can be used to hold a device on the kitchen counter to read a recipe on or to watch videos on, and it can be used with instruments to hold a device with music on it.
  • It can be used at work.Whether a small business using a tablet as a cash register or a multitasker in a company job, this stand works well at eye level and as a flexible device that makes checking out easy for the customer and the employee.
  • It can be used on trips. The stand folds up for easy travel and storage, so it is perfect for an overnight bag or suitcase zipper pocket.

The stand is also safe and convenient for your mobile device or tablet. It has padding on the backs and sides of the holster to prevent scratching and to keep the phone from slipping. Another excellent feature is the holes placed on the sides of the holster to allow the use of charging and auxiliary cables. For phones with an auxiliary port that is off center, the phone may need to be re-positioned since the holes are in the center.

Overall, this product was designed with care and precision, and is good for a variety of uses. We would recommend this product.

MSGPR received this product free of charge for a non-biased review. You may order the product HERE.

Grace Baldwin
(Bethany) Grace Baldwin has an Associate Degree in Journalism from Angelina College and is working on a double major of English and Journalism at Stephen F. Austin State University. She thoroughly enjoys reading, writing, and has an indelible passion for words.

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