Tower Outdoors Makes Custom Fishing Lures


To many, fishing is a hobby. To others, fishing is a sport. No matter what fishing may be to various people, it is deeply woven into the fabric of Texan culture. Although fishing may be fun, it can be expensive. And unless one knows how to bargain for cheaper prices, or make his own equipment, he’s stuck having to throw his money-filled pockets at buying fishing equipment just like everyone else.

Ryan Hightower, founder of Tower Outdoors, along with his wife Maranda Hightower, makes custom jigs, which are types of fishing lures for freshwater fishing. Explaining the process in which to make custom jigs, Hightower says that “the process is not hard, but tedious”. One has to put all strands (banded by skirt bands) together, put the skirt on hooks, and trim the strands to neaten the jig.

Tower Outdoors also sells outdoor apparel along with fishing equipment: swim jigs (3/8 ounce to 1/2 ounce), football-head jigs (3/8 ounce to 3/4 ounce) and flipping jigs (3/8 ounce to 3/4 ounce), terminal tackles, tungsten weight-stops, tungsten underspin hooks; there are also hoodies with the company logo, fishing jerseys, and hats available. In addition to these items, there will also be tungsten barrel weights and tungsten drop-shot weights available.

When discussing aspirations for he and his wife’s company, Hightower replied, “We want to keep it small. We want to price items so that everyone and anyone can buy them”.

Hightower has been fishing since he was seven years old. He remembers not being able to find his favorite colors at the store so he took it upon himself to start making his own.

Hightower grew up going to fishing club tournaments with his father and won his first one at 13 years of age, having had the largest five-fish stringer with big bass over 9 pounds; his father on the other hand, has won countless fishing tournaments.

He is also a boat captain for Brookeland ISD, in Jasper County. Chaperoning the fishing team, Hightower provides the boat and equipment for a team of 2 students, takes them out to a lake on tournament day and lets them fish, and takes them to the weigh-in. He and his team of students compete against over 400 teams in these fishing tournaments. Hightower has been a boat captain for six years now; last year, his team won a fishing tournament in April, and finished sixth this year in the second fishing tournament.

For more information, feel free to contact Ryan Hightower and his wife Maranda Hightower at

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